10 settembre 2017


Traveling in the long and wide, knowing the world, the cultures of others, seeing the big cities, seeing the villages, knowing hundreds of people, knowing the world, and putting stamps on my passport at 31, I had to choose what I want more in life .. and I understand that in my future I see the world, I see around the world, without long ties .. you have to decide who you want to be to understand what you want .. so when I went to Greece, I looked around, and I noticed, on 10 people alone 7 are women, and not because women are hunting for more adventures than men (as many men say) but why a man traveling alone is synonymous with being defiant, so he prefers to travel in a group, but for us women is different, we do not go for adventure, we go for our freedom, we go to discover new places, stories from tell me, so I wonder who the real messed up in this case ..so have been my holidays, so I went to Greece, on the island of Kos, so I lived my summer vacation, in the spirit of fun, in the knowledge of the knowledge and also admire the after-work relax after work.Why be free to talk or talk to people, laugh at foolish jokes, make shopping, sit on a bench to hear the noise of the sea for an hour ... without having to give it to anyone .. the beautiful of traveling alone .. the boat trip, the dolphins, reading a book in the bow, waiting for the sunset on the sea.. the good thing to travel by yourself is just this .. and does not mean being defiant .. but be free.

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